Architecture / construction

Our portfolio covers the entire process of a construction project, from the location study to the building technology. Seamless integration with our other fields of engineering allows coordinated building structures that are geared towards factory, production and logistics planning.

Requirement analysis

Requirement analysis for home appliance manufacturing

The positive feeling of moving in the right direction and having found the perfect di-mension for your building project – that is our goal when we embark on a detailed requirement analysis with the client prior to the design planning. We clarify the objec-tives, the facts, the concepts and all parameters – and hence the actual requirements. That’s how we lay the foundation for better decisions. Thereby we further develop the requirements of DIN 18205 (Brief for building design) further and apply our experience gained in many years of consultancy.

Green Factory

Concept for a development center

It is possible to combine ecology and economy. We plan sustainable and ener-gy-efficient production facilities that also satisfy economic requirements. Our holistic energy demand planning comprises locations and buildings as well as operating procedures, plant and machinery. We network the building design to Industry 4.0 re-quirements while taking cost efficiency and cost-saving potential into consideration. Our planning actively focuses on sustainability in cooperation with the user.

General planning / overall planning

One point of contact for persuasive services. As a general planner, we take on re-sponsibility for all technical and contract-related architecture and engineering services and act as the sole contracting partner for the customer. Clients benefit from a mature, seamless and well-oiled network of partners and experts from a range of professions. This integral planning approach creates scope for what is most important: peak technical and design performance that retains its value.

Architecture and design planning

Dedication of a commercial property to school

Everything we do ensures your success. This is the high standard by which we develop buildings for a wide range of uses. For us, architecture is the design, planning and execution of individual structures to the very latest state of the art. Close and intensive dialogue with the clients enables us to produce more than just perfectly customised solutions. We focus on trust and absolute reliability – which is why the way we work also delivers cost certainty and punctuality.

Master planning / feasibility study

Location development of automotive suppliers

Good decisions are founded on having the correct information. That’s why we attach huge importance to a carefully considered project lead-up and offer you a one-stop solution, from the initial project configuration and feasibility study to complete location development and plant development planning. We encourage our customers to think about alternatives, helping them to reach decisions on projects with an eye on long-term development.

Site management

Production hall extension

The quality of construction is determined by having the best design AND consistent controlling. That’s why we also support clients in delivering the construction project professionally. Experienced site management and construction monitoring staff use tried-and-tested software tools to do so. The focus is always on achieving flawless services, clean documentation, cost and deadline security and assurance of design quality in close consultation with the client.

Construction project management

Project management new industrial site

Clients are relieved of burdensome tasks and benefit from transparency in every phase of the project. Our project management team ensures the coordination and supervision of all project participants, such as designers, external contractors, users, investors and local authorities. We monitor the quality, deadlines, costs and organisation of the entire project and provide a constant flow of information through established documentation and reporting systems, enabling clients to reach the right decisions for their project at all times. As a member of the German project managers’ association, the Deutscher Verband der Projektmanager e.V. (DVP), we offer the entire spectrum of DVP services in compliance with the AHO, the joint committee of the Chambers and Associations of Architects and Engineers entrusted with determining the common fee structure.

Technical building equipment

Sustainable and energy-efficient building equipment is part and parcel of modern building design for industry, administrations and the housing sector. We offer integrated building services planning based on the very latest state-of-the-art building information modelling (BIM).


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